Seamless Integrations: Connect Effortlessly with Socially

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Google Analytics

Track user activity and gather insights into engagement metrics on your Socially platform.


Enable secure online payments for subscriptions, purchases, and transactions within your Socially platform.


Offer users a familiar and trusted payment method for seamless transactions on Socially.


Facilitate smooth and secure online payments, including credit card transactions, on your Socially platform.

Amazon Web Services

Leverage scalable cloud computing resources to power various features and functionalities of Socially.


Utilize cloud infrastructure to host and manage applications, databases, and files for your Socially platform.

Google Cloud

Access a wide range of cloud-based services and tools to enhance performance and scalability on Socially.


Store and manage large volumes of data securely and cost-effectively for your Socially platform.


Integrate SMS and voice communication capabilities to enhance user engagement and communication on Socially.


Enable real-time audio and video communication features within your Socially platform for seamless interactions.


Integrate email marketing and automation tools to reach and engage users effectively on Socially.

Google Vision API

Harness the power of image recognition and analysis for various use cases on your Socially platform.

Google Login

Simplify user authentication and registration processes by allowing users to sign in with their Google accounts.

Facebook Login

Enable users to easily log in and access Socially using their Facebook credentials.

Instagram Login

Streamline the login process by allowing users to authenticate using their Instagram accounts.

Linkedin Login

Provide users with the option to sign in to Socially using their LinkedIn credentials.


Integrate with external systems, automate data transfer, and extend the functionality of Socially through custom API integrations.