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Jul 1, 2024

Circle.so vs Socially.so: A Detailed Comparison

Circle.so vs Socially.so: A Detailed Comparison

Choosing the right platform for building and managing your online community involves evaluating various features, pricing models, and overall usability. Circle.so and Socially.so are two popular platforms that offer comprehensive tools for community engagement and management. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you decide which one suits your needs best.


  • Circle.so: A community platform designed for creators, brands, and businesses to build engaged and interactive communities with rich content features. A leader in its space.

  • Socially.so: Focuses on community engagement and networking with tools for communication, collaboration, and event management.

Features Comparison

1. Community Management

  • Circle.so

    • Customizable spaces for different topics and interests. Can join multiple communities with circle.so

    • User roles and permissions to manage access and responsibilities.

    • Community guidelines and moderation tools.

    • Direct messaging and group chats.

  • Socially.so

    • User profiles with extensive customization options.Cant join multiple communities but operate yours more like a social network

    • Group creation for specialized interests or projects.

    • Real-time chat, Group Chats and discussion forums.

    • Community guidelines and moderation tools. Google Vision API for adult image moderation

    • Event management with RSVP and reminders.

2. Content and Engagement

  • Circle.so

    • Rich media posts including text, images, videos, and embeds.

    • Member directories with profiles and activity feeds.

    • Polls, Q&A, and threaded discussions.

    • Gamification features such as badges and points.

  • Socially.so

    • Basic content sharing including posts, images, streaming and videos

    • File storage and sharing capabilities.

    • Polls and surveys to gauge community interests.

    • Gamification elements (badges, points).

3. Event and Webinar Management

  • Circle.so

    • Built-in event management with calendar integration.

    • RSVP, reminders, and follow-up messaging.

    • Integration with video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Meet).

  • Socially.so

    • Comprehensive event management tools.

    • RSVP and automated reminders.

    • Native streaming

4. Customization and Integration

  • Circle.so

    • Custom branding and domain.

    • API access for advanced customizations.

    • Integration with various tools (Zapier, Slack, Mailchimp).

  • Socially.so

    • Flexible customization of community layout and design.

    • API access for advanced customizations.

    • Integration with third-party apps like stripe, 0% transaction fees

5. Analytics and Reporting

  • Circle.so

    • Detailed analytics on member activity and engagement.

    • Reports on post performance and community growth.

    • Insights on member retention and participation trends.

  • Socially.so

    • Basic analytics for user activity and engagement.

    • Event participation and feedback analysis.

    • Reports on group and overall community health.

Pricing Comparison


  • Basic Plan: $39/month

    • Up to 1,000 members

    • Basic features

    • Limited customization

  • Professional Plan: $79/month

    • Up to 10,000 members

    • Enhanced features

    • Custom domain

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing

    • Unlimited members

    • All features

    • Dedicated support


  • Starter Plan: $39/month

    • Up to 500 members

    • Basic community features

    • Standard support

    • Custom Domain

  • Core Plan: $69/month

    • Up to 1500 members

    • Advanced features

    • Priority support

    • Custom Domain

  • Enterprise Plan: 199$

    • Unlimited members

    • All features

    • Dedicated account manager

    • Custom Domain


  • Circle.so

    • Strengths: Robust content management, rich media posts, extensive integrations.

    • Ideal For: Creators, brands, and businesses needing a flexible and interactive community platform.

  • Socially.so

    • Strengths: Strong focus on real-time engagement, versatile event management, and integration capabilities.

    • Ideal For: Organizations looking for a comprehensive tool for community engagement and event management.


Both Circle.so and Socially.so offer powerful features for community management, but they cater to different needs:

  • Circle.so is ideal for creators and businesses that prioritize rich content features and interactive media, with strong customization and integration options with focus on courses & community.

  • Socially.so excels in real-time engagement, event management, and versatile integration, making it suitable for organizations aiming to foster active and connected communities.

Evaluate your specific requirements, including the size of your community, the type of engagement you want to foster, and your budget, to determine which platform aligns best with your goals.

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Stay informed, stay inspired

Explore our blog for community stories, helpful tips, and inspiring insights to enrich your experience